Sunday, September 14, 2014

Report: Karen Lewis meets with Newark Mayor

Report: Karen Lewis meets with Newark Mayor

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Chicago Teacher’s Union President, Karen Lewis, another possible candidate for mayor, was in Newark, New Jersey over the past few days. She was talking with Newark’s mayor, who also had a background in education before ...

Newark's Owens Corning fiberglass plant a tight-knit operation

Products: Newark plant makes tubes of insulation for utility pipes and blankets of insulation for houses, among other products; company also makes other types of insulation, roof shingles and other building materials

Licking Valley's Butler wins Newark Invitational race

In the girls race, the Lions' Lauren Keiser (19:08) placed second and the Bulldogs were fourth as a team with 138 points. The Indians won with 31 points. the Panthers were sixth, the Lancers ninth, the Johnnies 10th and Utica 12th. In the boys race, Newark ...

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