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Whens the best time to book a flight from Newark or NYC to Bucharest, Romania

Whens the best time to book a flight from Newark or NYC to Bucharest, Romania?
I'm going from July 13th- August 16th with flexible dates.. I went in November for $795 roundtrip. [booked it 2 weeks in advance] I've read that 2 weeks in advance is the best time to book flights..but I've been watching the prices go up on expedia for months...i called an agent at expedia who was rude and didn't speak the best english...she told me the prices will only go up as the it gets closer to the date of the it went up 1,219-1,240....i'm starting to worry she might have been right... I e-mailed another expedia agent for a 2nd opinion and he said..he doesn't know when the best time to book would be, but said anywhere between 700 and 900 would be a good deal. Should I wait and see if the prices go down? or book now in case they go up? It's important for me to pay as little as possible because I don't have alot of money..but this is an important trip.
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Book as far in advance as you can.. We are entering Shoulder Season. You will fly in Peak Season. Today I found a web site about this. Look for "airline price checker." It finds cheapest flights, but be sure to check the other online sites, too. You can sign up for airlines to send you their last minute deals, too.
2 :… Please check: Tips: a- use flexible dates b- use alternative airports; i.e.

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