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I will be traveling from Norway to NEWARK, NJ next month. First, Oslo to Brussels and connect a flight to Newark. My flight is at 6:50 am from Oslo and arrive at 9 am at Brussels. My connecting flight is at 10:10 am. So I have 1 hour layover. It says in my e ticket that the plane i will take will arrive at Terminal M at Brussels. The questions are: 1. What does it mean by Terminal M? Which level is at? 2. To those who have traveled to Newark or has an idea: Which gate and level should i go? 3. Will I going to take the T-Gates Bus Transfer? 4. Passport and security check in, will i make it and how far is it from Terminal M? 5. My flight is at 10:10 am, will I make it or not? And if not, what will happen to me? Will they wait for me since i am connecting a flight to newark? 6. Will I get separate tickets from the time i'll check-in at Oslo airport (Oslo-Brussels-Newark) instead of checking in again? 7. Which gate should i go? I'll fly with Jet Airways at Brussels. I wanna know cos right now i am scared, confused and stress. I've been to US twice (nonstop) but this is my first time traveling to a connecting flight so i dont know the process and stuff like that. I have a valid B1/B2 Visa for 10 years. I applied 3 months ago. I am from Norway, not yet a citizen so i dont need to apply for ESTA. Pls advice me. Thanks a lot! here's a link: which of these am i belong? transfer gates.
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You'll be fine. Just don't freak out. That makes it worse. I don't know of any airport where a 1 hour layover is not long enough. The only pain will be Newark. It's super busy and very hectic and crazy. Just follow the airport signs. Good luck on you flights!
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If your ticket is single cover with code sharing airlines, meaning your bags are checked from Oslo, through to Newark, you should have no problem as they have accepted the time. If however you have purchased this from an agent and are flying on two different tickets you may have a problem. Especially if you have to walk between distant gates/terminals and go through security checks. If you are flying on two different airlines you man be stuffed because of having to retrieve and transfer your baggage in Brussels. Check with the Airline or your Agent.
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The best answer is this. Nobody that is answering this question right now will be there with you when you arrive at your first airport. So when you walk off the airplane, there should be a representative of the airline standing there, look for this person, ask him where you need to go, they will be able to tell you more accurately. And as long as your flight is not delayed for an extended amount of time, then you should have no problem making your connection. If say you arrive at your connecting airport, and you only have say 15 minutes to get to your connection, then inform the person at the gate that they need to wait for you. Also if it looks like you maybe pressed for time you can always inform the flight attendant on the plane you are currently on, and possibly they will be able to notify your connecting flight somehow. However, if this is the case don't wait until the plane is on final approach to bring this up, you must do it as soon as you believe you may miss your next flight, and don't be afraid to ask. It never hurts to ask.

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