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How do I know what terminal this flight will arrive in at Newark Airport

How do I know what terminal this flight will arrive in at Newark Airport?
First off, I know I am new at this! I've never picked anyone up from an airport before. I am looking for a particular flight number that will be arriving within the next few weeks (in order to pick my lady up). She'll be arriving at Newark International Airport. The question is--how do I know which Terminal her flight is going to arrive in? The itinerary says "United Airlines (operated by Continental Airlines)". Which terminal will she arrive at in this case? Please note: the list of arrival terminals seem to be here . Annoyingly, however, it lists the Continental arrival Terminal to be C / B...I really do not want her to wait as I check both terminals (if I decide it's going to be that instead of United Airlines, which is Terminal A). Is there any way I can look up her flight, given that the Newark site only seems to track flights that are coming within a day or two?
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I'm a Continental flight attendant here's your ans, the easiest thing to do on that day is go on to plug her flight # into the flight info slot and check it will tell you everything you need to know. Not sure what kind of cell you got but you can get flight info from You don't want to track her flight any earlier than that day as airlines have enough to cover from day to day, gates and times change per what's going on with the weather etc. Even if you check a day ahead of time still check on the day of her arrival just to make sure nothings changed. Don't stress yourself as picking her up at the right terminal will go very smoothly for you.
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That's a codeshare flight and the flight will have flight numbers for both United and Continental. The plane itself will be a Continental plane and will most likely land in the terminal(s) that Continental uses. You very likely will not be able to determine the terminal and gate until the day of the flight.

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