Monday, November 1, 2010

Flights from Newark to London for under $700 in August

Flights from Newark to London for under $700 in August?
I need a flight from Newark to London in August, except I have no money. Is there any way I can find flights for under $700??
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Check I found several flights at $650 late in August (fares are higher earlier in the month). You can also get some better prices if you fly out of JFK.
2 :
Try they seem to have some cheap prices
3 :
They JUST went up!!!! Wait and follow the fares!!! use: and as benchmark!!!
4 :
If you could go from JFK, I see $550 on Icelandair and Kuwait Airways to Heathrow. Both are good little airlines; the latter does not show up on all airfare databases, so you're best tracking it down via something like

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