Sunday, November 14, 2010

has anyone flown continental airlines to india nonstop

has anyone flown continental airlines to india nonstop?
i'm taking a flight newark to mumbai nonstop. Does anyone know if they will serve Indian food on the plane and will they show bollywood or hollywood films? And is the plane/flight nice? Better or worse than air india?
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Hi, i have flown on this sector and so have many of my friends; they do serve Indian food - ask for AVML at the time of booking if you have not done already, ask for it at least 36 hours before your travel; they do show all films including a number of indian/bollywood films - as they do have indian classical and light music in music channels; if your are travelling business class, you will have much more choice of course; the flight is good and the service is better than air india; the toilets dont smell and the cabin crew serves all passengers equally with a smile; it is good not to make comparisons with air india -which tends to treat only the govt VIPs amongst indians well and in their "caste system" indian passengers come last, with the fair skinned foreigners and even africans treated better!!!

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