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Immigration/customs at Newark Airport then connecting flight,must I use stairs/escalator

Immigration/customs at Newark Airport then connecting flight,must I use stairs/escalator?
I´ll go on a vacation in Florida in March 2008 via Newark Airport. I´m traveling alone.I am handicapped. I can WALK(with a limp)but my left arm is paralyzed.I will arrive at Terminal C and my connecting flight will departure at Terminal C too.Does anyone know,if I have to use stairs or escalators after immigration and customs? With only my right arm in full use and with carry on bag/luggage it would be more than difficult to handle any stairs/escalators.
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why would you have to go thru customes? Ive flown out of LaGuardia to FL many a time and have never had to go thru customs BUT when I flew internationally (Jamaica) that was the only time I had to. BUT keep in mind All airports are handi-cappable equipt and at your request the will have someone assist you with what ever needs you may have. Have a safe trip!
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You shouldn't see customs/immigration unless you are in the international section which is on the middle level (lower level is baggage claim and taxis and upper is national flights). The escalators is about 30 feet high. If its too much for you, locate an approve elevator (some are for travellers and others are for airport staff ONLY) and then get to security. Once you get thru, verify the gate for your plane departure then wait for one of those lady with the moving carts. She will drive you to your gate and it takes about 2 to 5 minutes.

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