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Can anyone help me find direct non-stop flights from Newark, NJ to Lansing, MI

Can anyone help me find direct non-stop flights from Newark, NJ to Lansing, MI?
I have been searching everywhere, and I am sad to say that I was very disappointed to know that there are no flights that go directly from NJ to MI, I don't understand why. If you could please guide me to a site that will able to find direct flights, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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go to google and type dat will give u many websites
2 :
If Continental doesn't have that flight - it does exist. I'm not surprised, Lansing isn't exactly a major city and the distance to Detroit isn't that far. If there isn't the demand - there won't be the flights. However, there is a non-stop flight from LaGuardia to Lansing via United Airlines. So if you can get to LGA, which really isn't that far away from Newark - there you go. Take your pick - a car ride from Detroit to Landsing (80 Miles) or go 10 miles from Newark to LGA. If you live in NYC, Long Island or Westchester - LGA is easier anyway.
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There are no direct flights from Newark to Lansing. The best option would be to go from Newark to Detroit or choose another departure and destination airport. Flint has nonstop flights from Newark to Flint and back on American Airlines and Northwest Airlines. There is a number of flights from Newark to Detroit, as well. Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, and Lansing are the main airports in Michigan. Detroit is your best bet if you want to go direct from Newark. Otherwise, Flint (nice airport) has nonstops from LaGuardia on Northwest and American.
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Direct and nonstop flights are not the same thing. And there are no direct OR nonstop flights from Lansing to Newark unfortunately. If you fly out of Detroit then there are plenty of nonstop flights - either Northwest or Continental Airlines will have them. The best bet is to book directly through the airline's website.
5 :
out of newark you will have to connect through detroit onto NWA.

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