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Flight number and size

Flight number and size?
Hi, I recently received my itinerary for my trip to turks and cacaos. I have a stop in miami on the way. My flight from newark to miami is american airlines flight 1921. How do i go about finding the size of the aircraft with the given flight number? Not only 1921 but with any flight number. how do I use the flight number to find out the size of the jet like 767 or 757.
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The best way to find out is to go to the airline directly and see what type of aircraft is used for a given flight -- the flight number itself has no relevance to the specific type of aircraft used., when doing a sample booking for that flight number, indicates that the Boeing 757 is used for that route, but it's possible that they could substitute another plane on the route at any time.
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American Airlines flight 1921 Newark to Miami is a Boeing 757. There are 36 rows of seats. Go to the airline web site, act like you are booking the flight by airport and date. You get a list of choices that include the flight numbers and aircraft types. Select one and it will usually give you a seating chart. *

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