Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flight Reservation Question

Flight Reservation Question?
Going to Vegas for spring break. I can book a flight from Philadelphia which stops in Newark then goes to Vegas. Same trip on the way back - only $274 If I book a direct flight from Newark which is about 25 minutes from my house it's $360. Can I just buy the tickets for the non-direct flight but hop on at Newark? I don't see how the pricing makes sense and I'm not trying to wait 45 minutes on hold with Continental to find out.
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1 :
No you can't get on in Newark. If you miss any leg of a connecting flight the airline will cancel all remaining flights including your return flight.
2 :
No, if you purchase an itinerary and fail to show for the first or any subsequent legs of travel then the remainder will automatically be canceled by the airline.
3 :
No. If you book the connection, as soon as the originating flight departs without you your whole itinerary will be canceled. The pricing makes sense to them, I assure you.

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