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Where to go ? Caribbean? Cent america - beach, 14 and 10 year old, direct flight from newark

Where to go ? Caribbean? Cent america - beach, 14 and 10 year old, direct flight from newark ?
Looking to go first week of April Want a direct flight from Newark - hopefully want a junior suite or 2 bedroom suite - similar prefer all inclusive but can do other as well Have done jamaica several times so want different Want access to jungle or volcanoes or something - daughter and I can only beach so much- Do not need golf or casino budget flexible - 4k or more
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For jungles and volcanos then you want to go to Montserrat... AND.. it's the CHEAPEST PLACE TO GO IN THE CARIBBEAN.... beautiful open beaches with almost nobody there, so it's like having your own personal island
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You can't beat Hawaii for everything you're looking for. It's paradise and there's lots to do with kids.
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You can try Dominica in the Caribbean for jungle/volcano fun and it's very different from Jamaica which tends to be too touristsy at times. Montserrat is also good but the volacano can be a bit unstable. St. Kitts & Nevis and St. Vincent can offer a similar experience. If Jamaica isn't to your liking, stay away from Barbados and St. Lucia.
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Barbados is nice,but if u want valcanoes try monseratt or evn St.Vincent. =)
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Honestly Puerto Rico is very nice for the person that is looking for more than just a beach vacation. Dont get me wrong, there are some gorgeous beaches, but there is so much more. There are no volcanoes, but there are some gorgeous mountains, a rain forest, a dry forest, caves, a 'glow in the dark' bio bay, the worlds largest radio telescope & historical sites like El Morro Fort. You'll never get bored, plus its relatively safe since its a US territory. The water & food are safe to consume also. But yet you still have a rich culture with great food & music & fun. & yes there are direct flights from Newark. Enjoy whatever u decide :)
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If you're interested in the Caribbean, then you may consider Harbour Heights in the Grand Cayman Islands. The rates will still be for winter and there are many fun activities available. Visit the website for more info: Hope this helps.

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