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live in pa,catching a flight at newark airport in do i

live in pa,catching a flight at newark airport in do i?
im travelling with 4 children and luggage.i need to get my children and the bags to newark nj.does anyone know what mode of transportation i can take to get to my destination along with all my many bags of luggage?
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You don't say where you live in PA. It's a big state (I live in Pittsburgh). If you live in any city that has Amtrak train service that is your best bet. Amtrak goes straight to the Newark terminal. My best friend and his two children just took Amtrak from DC to Newark airport -- it cost $125 for all of them and took less than 3 hours The trains are nice for kids because the seats are roomy and they can walk around, use rest rooms, etc. Check with the airlines on luggage. Usually it is two checked suitcases under 50 lbs and one small carry-on bag plus a purse for each adult. It should be similar for kids. Make sure you have some kind of ID for the children as well as yourself -- photo ID may be required. Good luck -- you have your hands full!

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