Monday, February 1, 2010

Flight from Newark, NJ to Atlantic City, NJ

Flight from Newark, NJ to Atlantic City, NJ?
Does such a flight exist? I made a bet with a friend that there is, it seems like I will lose this bet...
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Apparently so. United flies three times a week out of Newark to Atlantic City. The Airport Codes are EWR (Newark) to AIY (Atlantic City). Good question!
2 :
I can't find any way you can fly from Newark to Atlantic City. I've checked for flight availability and that route does not exist. I have also checked United as the other poster suggested, but they don't fly that route.
3 :
I would take a bus. Its probably MUCH cheaper.
4 :
Nope it definitely does not. You can drive between the two cities in less than 2 hours. The only flights out of Atlantic City are by Spirit Airlines to Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, San Juan, and Tampa.
5 :
I did not find any air service between EWR and ACY or AIY, the two airports serving Atlantic City. You can take Greyhound Bus round trip to the casinos for $33 round trip. (no children allowed on this fare.) There are also limos that make this trip as well. Check the NY phone book under casino's and limousines If you are going to make a reservation at on of the hotels, ask them about transportation from Newark to there. I am certain that the hotel can tell you. Regards, Dan
6 :
No such flight exists! Sorry I think you're losing the bet. The only airline that flies to Atlantic City is Spirit Airlines and they DO NOT fly to Newark. Sorry -Also to respond to the person who posted that Atlantic City International Airport's code is AIY you are incorrect AIY is for Bader Field a closed down airport in Southern New Jersey that has been closed for many years. it is currently ACY

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