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On September 29 I flew from Newark to Desmoines n Flight 819. The armrest on my wheelchrair was broken off

On September 29 I flew from Newark to Desmoines n Flight 819. The armrest on my wheelchrair was broken off?
The top padding and the base of my personal wheelchairs armrest was broken off on my flight #819 from Newark to DesMoines on September 29. I was unable to get any service regarding this matter at the Chicago Airport on October 4 on my return flight #688. I am in immediate need of help on this matter as that is my only wheelchair and I need it fixed as soon as possible.b
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Did you file a claim when you arrived in must file a claim before you leave the airport...if not your out..........sorry.....
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Kapn is quite right. If you did not file the claim before you left the airport, it will be much harder to be compensated for the damage. You mention the flight number but not the airline. What you must do is contact the baggage handling department of the airline at once. Document the damage (send photos, get a repair estimate to send the airline, provide costs if you have to rent a different chair while yours is being fixed, etc.). Be firm but polite. Passengers who have all their ducks in a row and are specific about what they would like the airport to do (compensate you for repair costs and expenses if you must rent another chair, etc.) get a much better chance of getting some help from the airline. Airlines are notoriously tight, especially these days, so unless you have all the information up front, they will try to get away with spending as little money as possible. When you send the information to the airline, also copy the FAA. Check their website; they should have an address for passenger complaints, and will have some information about your rights. Also familiarize yourself with the airline's damaged luggage policy, which will be posted on their website. Good luck!
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You should have gone to the lost or damage baggage claim part and filed a report. If you didn't, they won't pay to fix it.

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