Monday, June 21, 2010

Would I be able to ignore my last connecting flight

Would I be able to ignore my last connecting flight?
I am traveling from Honduras to New orleans with a connection in Atlanta on the monday after easter. The problem is my flight is booked to go from atlanta to newark, Nj but my plans changed since then and I went ahead and bought a ticket from atlanta to New Orleans, do you think I will have any issues ignoring my flight to newark and just going to New Orleans. Thanks
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Your luggage is going to end up in Newark and you will be in New Orleans.
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You'll need to clear customs at your first point of entry when you return to the US, so you'll have to claim your luggage in Atlanta. It shouldn't be a problem to skip your connecting flight, although airlines do frown on people that do that and although there may be a clause in your contract of carriage or fare rules that restrict you from doing what you're proposing, it's unlikely the airline will go after you for any fare differences or fees.

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