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Will i be put into the next flight

Will i be put into the next flight?
I am flying from Manchester, NH (MHT) to Delhi, India. I have a stop in Newark and Frankfurt. If my plane gets delayed in Manchester, I may miss my connecting flight at Newark and Frankfurt. My layover at Newark is 1hr 44min. If i miss them what should I do? From Manchester to Newark, and Newark to Frankfurt are operated by Continental Airlines. Would they accomodate me into the next flight, so that I can make it to the flight from Frankfurt to Delhi? I have a layover of 3 hrs in Frankfurt.
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The airline has an obligation to get you to your final destination. However, that obligation generally means that they put you on the next flight on which there is an available seat. It might be in an hour, it might be in 8 hours. No way to know until the time comes - if there are any delays. If the missed connecting flight is on a different airline than the first one (in Frankfurt for you), then there is usually some cooperation between the airlines, but it may be more complicated. If you ever miss a flight, go immediately to a gate agent and talk with them - but don't get hysterical and angry - that never helps - it isn't their fault that some plane was late. They deal with these situations all the time and know what the options are. The layover times are pretty reasonable, I think. Hope you have an uneventful trip.
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I've flown quite a few times through various different airlines. There have been quite a few times when my flight has been late, leaving me to miss my connecting flight. I've always been given a new pass/ticket at the front desk that you walk past right when you get off the plane. I'd walk up to them and explain to them my situation. They usually had me in their system to see that I have a connecting flight and had missed it due to the delay, and would make sure I had a spot in the next available flight to that same destination. Hope this helps :)

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