Saturday, August 14, 2010

What can I expect for a United Airlines flight from Honolulu to Newark

What can I expect for a United Airlines flight from Honolulu to Newark?
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Not much unless you're in business or 1st class. There are no complimentary meals, although you can purchase food, and on most United economy class planes there are no personal in-flight entertainment, but on flights to Hawaii you'll probably have a movie shown shown on a screen at the front of the cabin. If you know what kind of plane you're on, you can check seatguru to see whats offered:
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First of all, your flight will connect somewhere such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver or Chicago. The plane will be either a 757, 767 or if you are lucky a 777. Do not expect any meals so either bring your own food or eat before boarding. You will get a bag of pretzels and a beverage though. However if you are flying First Class, you will get a meal. Depending on the type of aircraft used, you may only get the old style TV monitor where everyone shares versus the personal in-flight entertainment system. Therefore I would try to bring a book to read or try to sleep. If your flight is operated by Continental Airlines (United and Continental are in the same alliance), then there is a good chance you may get a meal because Continental still serves meals for flights lasting more than 5 hours.

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