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Flights from Newark to Shanghai

Flights from Newark to Shanghai?
Hi, i need a round-trip flight from Newark to Shanghai this summer. It has to be between 3-6 weeks long and it must start after June 25th and end before August 31st. It'd be great if you could find a really cheap flight for me and anyone that does will get 10 points. Thanks im too lazy to find one myself
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Try Orbitz. Doing a quick search for a trip that starts on June 25th and ends on August 31st, I found loads of flights from Newark to Shanghai, including a direct flight operated by Continental Airlines for $1652 roundtrip. The first flight leaves at 11:05 AM EDT on the 25th and arrives in Shanghai at 1:45 PM Chinese time on the 26th. The return flight leaves at 3:45 PM Chinese time on the 31st and arrives in Newark at 6:20 EDT, also on the 31st. Try it. Change the dates to suit your travel plans, and find the right flight for you.
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I found a $1521 roundtrip on, June 29 to July 20. See here:,SHA&d1=290610&return=1&d2=200710 Hope that helps!
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That is an expensive time to fly since it is during the summer months. See what Continental Airlines has.

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