Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is 1 hour 5 min enuf time to connect in Newark from a Continental flight to one going to Italy in mid April

Is 1 hour 5 min enuf time to connect in Newark from a Continental flight to one going to Italy in mid April?

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One airline, baggage checked through and one terminal. Yes. Not all of the above, very doubtful.
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It might, if you don't have any luggage. But it is cutting it close. If you have luggage, don't even think about it. Two hours should be considered a minimum.
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Same airline? then yes. Different airlines, then No. Though you may get lucky, if the two airlines you are flying are in the same alliance. (ex. Star or Sky Team alliance) Good luck, btw, most international flight start boarding at least 45 mins prior to departure, some start 1 hour brefore.
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all depends on the weather
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If your flight arrives to Newark on time, you should have enough time. Continental utilizes terminals A and C in Newark with a airside shuttle that connects the two. This means if you need to change terminals, you won't need to re-clear security. All of Continental's European operations from Newark depart from terminal C. Take a look at your reservation. If your flight into Newark says "Continental Express operated by ExpressJet Airlines" or "Operated by ExpressJet Airlines DBA Continental Express" then your first flight will arrive to Terminal A. If it doesn't say anything like that, or if your flights are operated by Colgan or CommutAir, you'll still be in Terminal C. Keep an eye out if it's operated by an other mainline carrier (such as United, US Airways). These flights may arrive to another terminal that doesn't have an airside link. This is unlikely since Newark is a Continental hub, but its not entirely unheard of.
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