Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flight delays into and out of Newark Airport

Flight delays into and out of Newark Airport?
I just read that there are major delays into and out of Newark Airport right now due to thunderstorms, but I can't tell how great the delays are. I see on the weather reports that there may be more storms all weekend. I am supposed to take a flight from Los Angeles to Newark tomorrow, and then fly from Newark to South Carolina for a conference. If my flight is delayed landing in Newark, I'll miss my plane to South Carolina because it's just an hour layover. That will mean I'll miss most of the conference (it's only 2 days longs). I am trying to figure out if I should skip it all together -- I'd hate to get to Newark and then just have to turn around and come home. Anyone been flying?
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Don't worry about it. Thunderstorms are a temporary condition. The forecast for Newark tomorrow is for sunny skies, with NO thunderstorms. Have a nice flight. Regards, Dan
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Mabye If you Fly to a diffrent airport all together i dont really know the options for dirrfernt airports as i dont like in the US But i have flowen to Newark airport Befor! Hope you get to your confrence! =) Xxxx

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