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On EWR-FRA-AMD flight will I be able to get off the plane at FRA

On EWR-FRA-AMD flight will I be able to get off the plane at FRA?
Soon I will be flying on Air India flight 144 from Newark (EWR) to Ahmedabad (AMD) via Frankfurt (FRA), and I was wondering if in FRA I will be able to get off the plane or if I will have to stay seated. I've never done a flight like this so I was just wondering. Thanks!
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It depends if the flights are non-stop or direct with a stop. If the flights are non-stop, it means it will go from EWR to FRA, and then you will get off and change planes for the segment from FRA to AMD. If the flight is direct with one stop, it means the plane will go from EWR to AMD and stop in FRA. You won't change planes, but they will usually let some people out and then some people in, and the plane will stop for a few hours. It's more rare nowadays; I've never personally flown one. I know Southwest does it a lot, but... So, just check with your carrier or your ticket and see if it says non-stop or not. If the planes are different models, then you will be changing planes.
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I think it depends on the amount of time you're grounded. If it's just long enough to board other passengers or refuel, you may be allowed off the plane but be required to remain in the adjacent lobby. That's what has happened to me at Narita Airport in Japan (flying from LAX to Beijing, then again from Singapore to LAX) and what would have happened at the airport in Ankara, Turkey (London to Amman, Jordan) had there not been engine trouble that grounded my flight for the next two days and thus enabled me to enter the city.

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