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How Bad Is The Flight From LA To Sydney

How Bad Is The Flight From LA To Sydney?
Im Going To Australia On the 8th and is gonna be a long day bc im leaving on a bus at 8 am y flight takes off from newark at like 1 pm. from newark i go to dallas then to LA and then to Sydney. it will be a very long day and i would like to know how bad the flight is and what i should do on the flight for entertainment. and BTW im only 14 Im Going wih The people to people program. and no i cannot sleep on flights ahha
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Depends how full the flight is. Last time I went I had my own row and slept most of the way. I've also been on full flights that have been very painful to endure for that amount of time. All Trans-Pacific airlines generally have free inflight entertainment with a choice of movies, tv shows, music, and video games.
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It's the longest straight haul flight in the world. You will be on the plane for 14 hours. Make sure you take plenty of things to read, a playstation portable, music, water and lollies. I hope you have got an aisle seat. That means you can get up and walk around without disturbing people. Make sure you have a stretch and a walk every 1-2 hours. If you can sleep on a plane, you are doing better than me mate. Enjoy your holiday in Australia
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If you don't already belong, join the frequent flier program for the airline you are using. Joining is free and you can do it online. Airlines really try to provide good in-flight entertainment on long distance flights. The airline’s website may list the films & music available and may even give the menu. However, you can’t absolutely count on the in-flight entertainment. Bring one or more books that you have started and know you like. It is really annoying to open a new book on a flight and realize you don't find it interesting. Things like an I-Pod, Gameboy or PSP, MP3 player, and non-electronic options like crossword puzzles are a good idea. More than about 6 hours in an airplane is really tough, especially if you are in economy class - and you will be on planes for a lot more than 6 hours. The result is usually called "jet lag". The time change is part of "jet lag", but only part. For example, people experience jet lag when traveling from North America to South America even when they don't change time zones. Dehydration caused by dry air in the cabin is as important as the time change, and dehydration can be cumulative + aggravated by your environment/activities before the flight. Jet lag can be much worse on the return leg of a relatively short trip because you never really recovered from the lag incurred on the first leg. It can also be aggravated by what you do between trips. I have not found anything that eliminates jet lag, but staying hydrated helps reduce it. Water and non-carbonated liquids are best. Avoid drinking a lot of anything with caffeine, including colas. Wear clothing that is comfortable. Especially avoid tight clothing or shoes - your body will swell during a long flight. Take a 2 changes of under clothing, an extra shirt & trousers, and a basic set of toiletries in your carryon bag. Brush your teeth after meals and "clean up" before you board the flight across the Pacific. You will feel better. I know you said you can't sleep on planes, but try. Sleeping on the flight (even if it isn't very good sleep) helps a lot. Select a window seat so you can pile extra pillows & blankets against the interior of the cabin to lean against for a bit of extra comfort. A sleep mask (like and earplugs may help you sleep. You can choose to take something to help you sleep on the plane, but try it first. Many sleep aids can make you groggy long after you need to wake up. I just use aspirin. Eye drops help with dry eyes. Get up and walk around every few hours. Do some stretching exercises - there is usually room by the exterior doors. You will be wasted when you get to your destination so try to avoid doing anything important the day you get there. Speed your body's adjustment to local time by living on the local schedule: Stay awake until local bedtime at your destination and stay in bed until local morning. If you absolutely must take a nap make sure you don't sleep more than 3 hours. Eat meals at the normal local time. And so on. It still takes me 1 day per hour of time change to fully adjust (a 12 hour time difference takes me almost 2 weeks to fully get over). Good luck!

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