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should i do a tour of statue of liberty or newark with a 4 hour stopover in newark on sunday the 2oth july

should i do a tour of statue of liberty or newark with a 4 hour stopover in newark on sunday the 2oth july?
my flight lands in newark at 2 and i have a flight back from newark a 8pm. is is too short time to do the statue of liberty tour or could i do something in newark itself. also guide me as to how should i go about the tour
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1 :
statue of liberty because it will only be open for a few more years
2 :
Unless you take the helicopter from Newark to Manhattan, it will take you at least 45 min to 1 hour to get to the Statue. Assume that much time again for a return and you have 4 hours available. Checking in through security and getting to the gate on time will take another 1.5 hrs. So now you have 2.5 hours to kill. You could easily wait that long just to get on the statue tour. I'd pick something else to visit. Not much in Newark, enjoy the airport, IMO. Lot less stress and there is a decent food court and some typical airport shopping.
3 :
NOt worth the hassle. Hang in the airport to avoid missing your flight. No guarantee your flight will be on time and all you need is to get stuck in traffic on the way back and YIKES!
4 :
whatever you decide to do you will need to rent a car. and i don't think you will have enough time to get the car, drive to your destination, return the car, then get through security, and be ontime to board your flight. unless you hire a taxi to take you to see the statue of liberty - tell the driver to take you to liberty state park in jersey city. or you may just have time to rent a car and drive there yourself. there's not much to see in newark itself.
5 :
just so you know if you meen to see the statue cool but if you want to go inside and up to the tourch your out of luck it has just re-opened to tours and you need a ticket and as of july 4th when i wanted to do the same thing,, the tickets are sold out for the rest of this year... so you can go to the island and look at the statue but unless you can cop a ticket somewhere, you aint going to tour the inside,, but ellis island is very interesting
6 :
You have to be in line by 9 am in order to get tickets to the Statue. Then there is probably an hour wait in line to get on the boat. You will never make it. And that doesn't include travel time to and from the airport.
7 :
Neither, because you won't have enough time to get from EWR to NYC and back. My advice stay in the airport. Good luck
8 :
Maybe you can go spend some time at Liberty State Park, you can see the Statue of Liberty from there, but the tour would cut it too close and keep in mind you have to take the ferry back to NJ. If you run into a delay you're in trouble. You can go to the park, get some lunch... or you could go to Jersey Gardens Mall in Elizabeth for some outlet shopping or to watch a movie. I wouldn't go to Newark, there's no real entertainment there (other than the venues) and the stores close early on Sundays. Also Sunday traffic in NJ is a little risky because people are driving back from the shore so don't go too far.

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