Wednesday, March 14, 2012

delayed flights.... what happens if u miss your next flight

delayed flights.... what happens if u miss your next flight?
My boyfriend is flying home today... He's flying from New Orleans, and catching a connecting flight in Newark, NJ... his flight to newark was delayed 110 minutes... so what if he misses the 2nd flight because of the delay? do they reschedule him? I'm pretty sure the flight from Newark to home is delayed also, but I'm just curious what happens if the delay causes you to miss your connection?
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1 :
The ticket (see the airline website) explains what they should do. If it's their fault, they have to get him to the destination.
2 :
If the delay from his first flight causes him to miss the connecting flight, the airline will accommodate him on his next flight. (The only time that the airline will not accommodate a passenger in this fashion is if the connecting flights were purchased as separate tickets.)
3 :
This happens all the time, if the first plane is delayed the airline will put your BF on the next available flight.

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