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Transfer procedure at Newark Airport

Transfer procedure at Newark Airport?
My parents are flying from Tokyo to Boston through Newark Airport. They were told that they need to pick up the luggage (and drop off for transfer) and go through the immigration before connecting the next flight. Both of their flights (Tokyo-Newark and Newark-Boston) are Continental and arrive at/leave from Terminal C. Since this will be my parents' first international trip and their English is limited, I want to make sure that the transfer will be as smooth as possible. I called Continental to inquire about this but couldn't talk with any representatives as they were busy handling passengers affected by the ash situation. Does anyone know what the exact procedure for transfer passengers at Newark?
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Since they cant speak much english, you should find out all that info for them. call contental airlines and newark airport. they will be more than happy to answer your questions. Its best that you do it since you know more english then you can tell them what they need to do. its not thier jobs to deal with the ashes so they will answer
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Your parents can request a language assistance in NRT (Narita) for their arrival in EWR (Newark). At checkin, they will have to ask the agent to set it up for them. An agent in EWR will then assist them upon arrival. When entering the US, the first city, as in here EWR, you will go through customs and immigration. They will have to pick up their bag and drop them off for transfer. It's usually a smooth tranisiton so not to worry.

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