Friday, June 1, 2012

Do I have to pick up my bags in Newark

Do I have to pick up my bags in Newark?
I only have a little over an hour to make the connecting flight in Newark (both flights are Continental). I have heard I have to pick up my bags and check them in again, but as far as I can remember I have never done that before. Of course I will ask when I check in, but it's nice to know in advance. Okay I just found out the flight was cancelled, and they put me on an earlier one. So now I only have 30 minutes, which just makes everything even worse.
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If that is your first point of entry to the US, yes, you need to get your bag, go through customs, and then check it in again. Airlines know of connections, and they will accommodate you, cuz if you miss your flight, they will have to put you on the next flight, so they'll do their best to make sure you are going to make it. Don't worry.
2 :
u have to pick them up if u were on an international flight that didn't stop anywhere else. u should not have to pick them up if you are flying in country. they will transfer.
3 :
If you are coming in from overseas, you have to pick up you bags and go through customs and immigration, You will not make it in 30 minutes. You would not have made it in one hour. Since they have changed your flight, tell them they have to give you more time as you cannot make the transfer.

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