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If I have a connecting flight, can I just get off at the 1st airport I stop at and not go on the 2nd flight

If I have a connecting flight, can I just get off at the 1st airport I stop at and not go on the 2nd flight?
I want to fly from Nashville to NJ. After looking at ticket prices, it is about $300 cheaper to buy a ticket that goes from Nashville to Philadelphia but has a layover in Newark rather than just purchasing a ticket that is direct from Nashville to Newark. Philadelphia is about 60 miles from where I'm going in NJ and Newark is about 45 and is more accesible via train (NJ Transit) to my destination. If I get off the plane in Newark and don't get on my connecting flight to Philly will I be charged the difference Since a direct flight to Newark would've been more expensive? Thanks PS - I'm flying Continental and I am not checking any bags I only have a carry-on
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If you are not checking bags it does not matter. They don't care if you use the seat you have paid for. So if you don't get on the flight they don't care.
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Yes they will charge you extra money if you dont get on you second flight.
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No. You will just lose that part of your ticket and it is worthless to you anyway. I assume you are to change planes in Newark or will be allowed off if not.
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Technically it is against the terms and conditions in your flight ticket but yes, you can do that if you only have carry-on luggage. Just beware that if you buy a return flight then your return journey will be automatically cancelled when you don't show up for the second leg of your outbound journey.
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Sure you can do it..But, and there is always a BUT, they will cancel the back half of your return ticket, if you have one. Used to be people would buy TWO round trip tickets CHEAPER than a go & return within one week(w/o a Saturday night stay!) and use the get there half of one ticket and the get home half of the 2nd ticket....and STILL save money!!! But those days are far past...the airlines got much smarter.....but I digress. They cannot "charge you" the difference, and if you flight is delayed for whatever reason, you can always make up a story that someone picked you up, it took less time, blah blah blah and still be able to use the back half of the round trip ticket, heck, they already have your money. Are you a "One Pass" frequent flyer? Join it, it's free and shows you have an intent to use Continental in the future; that might help with the back half of your ticket, 'cause it still has $ value. If you so desire, call Continental as soon as you can after you land & tell them your plans changed & you have to stay in Philly(blame "the boss") and you will talk to them in the future about the flight(s) back to Nashville. Of course, if you don't have a return ticket, this is all superfluous. (I did have a Continental agent tell me I would NOT be able to get my bag at my destination(!!??) unless I paid the difference! yeah, RIGHT!) I got off in Tampa,told them I needed some medicine in my checked bag & I did not feel well enough to make my connection, Walked over to Southwest & flew away with them. Easy & FREE!) Good Luck & Travel Safe!
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I would not recommend it, most airlines have rules against it in the contract of carriage. They will charge you the difference in price for the flight you actually flew, and the flight you booked, also, they will not allow you to check in for the return flight in Newark, you will have to check in at PHL, that is if the airline also does not cancel the rest of your itinerary. They call it point beyond ticketing. look in the contract of carriage. I have included it. Rule 6, Page 11, Sub paragraph J, #1 EDIT: Also look at sub paragraph K, it lists all consequences. They are very strict about this now, and they will refuse to let you board one of their flights again until you pay them, and they will also refuse boarding on any airline in their alliance (the Star Alliance) which is several airlines.
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That's called a "hidden city." It is done a lot in Cincinnati because flights to & from CVG tend to be so expensive. As long as you are not checking any bags (which costs you extra $$$ these days, anyway) you should have no problem getting away with it. But, there is still one thing to consider. Suppose your Continental flight to Newark is cancelled, and you are rerouted--to Philly, per your ticket--on another carrier? That's something to think about. If that happens, tell them that you don't mind waiting for the next available Continental flight through Newark (from Nashville, they might reroute you through Cleveland or even Houston!).

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