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Newark Airport to Washington DC

Newark Airport to Washington DC?
Hi, A little background. I am flying to New York on a business trip but will like to fly in a few days earlier and make a trip to Washington DC for a short holiday. I wanted to take a train from Newark to DC and searched the Amtrak schedule. I found many suitable trains on the website and is tempted to make the relevant train reservations. However, I am concerned that my flight to Newark will be delayed and I might miss my train. Is it necessary to buy Amtrak train tickets in advance? I am arriving on a weekday(Wednesday) at approx 5pm ET. I am tempted to (if possible) buy the tickets at the station. But I am concerned that I might end up paying a lot more or be unable to get a seat. Is this likely? The Amtrak website state that a coach class ticket will cost $49 from Newark to DC.
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I don't really think you have to because if it is only you traveling your most likely going to get a seat on the train. Or if you want to buy a ticket in advance, get one for like an hour or two later than your plane is supposed to land just to be safe. And if your plane is on schedule, just hang out in the airport or something until your ready to hop on the train. Safe travels.
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Amtrak is pretty good about exchanging tickets if you're late for a train or arrive early and want to shift to an earlier train. What I would do: if I was going to arrive at 12:50pm, I would reserve a seat on a 2:00pm train. If I arrived at the Newark station in time for an earlier train, I would go to the ticket counter and ask to exchange it for that train. If there's an available seat, they will do such an exchange, usually at no cost.
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As a former Amtrak employee I can tell you, you will be able to purchase your tickets at the station. The station ticket office is open from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. If you arrive after 7 P.M. I believe there is a machine there where you can purchase tickets if you have a credit card. Whether you purchase your tickets in advance or at the station, the price remains the same.

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