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Can I not continue on my connecting flight

Can I not continue on my connecting flight?
I am trying to find a flight from San Diego to Newark one way. The best I have found for my dates is $300. However, there is a flight on Continental from San Diego to Philadelpia with a connection in Newark for only $90! Can I just get off at Newark and not continue on the flight? The only issue I can think of is that I would have to carry everything on as if I check in anything, they will be tagged for Philly. Is there anything else I am overlooking?
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1 :
You should be able to get off in Newark, along with your luggage. Call the airline and ask the question.
2 :
well.....u may.... When you have booked a ticket, it means you will complete the whole journey.....but still can... and if you want to get of on the halfway through, pls contact continental for further queries.
3 :
is this round trip or one way? if round trip your return reservations will be canceled and sometimes if You don't check in for the connecting flight some airline alert the police or page you on the PA system as they might think you got lost
4 :
Well here is the thing... Even though its considered an illegal airline ticketing policy-- The airline cant make you take the rest of your connection. And there is nothing they will do about it if you dont get on the plane. However, they WILL check your bags all the way through. You will want to use a carry-on bag so you dont have any issues. Beware of one thing, any other flights you have on this ticket after the connection, will be cancelled as well. So make sure it is indeed a one way ticket.

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