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From Newark to New York

From Newark to New York?
I will be changing flights in Newark in the end of January and would like to go see the New York city. I have 7 hours between flights. What is the best way of transportation to the city? I would like to avoid traffic jams to not risk come too late back to the plane. How long does it take to get to the city and where can I find sightseeing bus tours in the city? How long would it take to get back to the airport with taxi at 6 PM and how much would it cost?
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Take the air train to the path train. That would be about an hour or so. You could take a taxi and it might be $50. Or check with ground transportation and get the express bus. If you are taking a domestic flight in the evening, you need to be in newark one hour before take off. If it is an international flight, 2 hours before take off. You will have to go through security all over again. If you have an evening flight, the best way to get their will be by train. Take the path system to the air train. The free ways will be jammed with rush hour traffic. So if you have a domestic flight that leaves at 7pm, you need to be their by 6, so I would start from Manhattan at 5 on the path train.
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The fastest way to get from Newark to NYC would be Amtrack, it takes less then 30 minutes, and the cost is around 30$ and you don't have to worry about traffic and such since its a train and you know you can get back on time. To find a sight seeing tour bus, head to Times Square. There you can find people selling bus tours. There are two companies, Gray Line and Blue Sky Go with Gray Line, they're cheaper and have better reviews. To take a Taxi back to the airport at 6pm it could take any where from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on traffic. If you take a normal NYC taxi, it could cost far to much (200$ when traffic is bad) they are a waste of money. Try calling a taxi service with one flat rate. They usually cost 75$ to go from New York to Newark, that's the cheapest you'll find them at. Have Fun!
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The easiest way is to take the AirTrain and then take a NJ Transit train into the city. It's $15 each way and the trip from the airport to NY Penn Station is 25 minutes. (just enter Newark Airport & NY Penn Station) There are sightseeing tours all over the place. Here's a popular one: That lists all of the stops they make. You don't have to stay on the tour for the whole thing, you can get on and off when you'd like. I would recommend that you not take a taxi at that time of day, traffic is always terrible. Taking the train is much easier.
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Take NJ Transit train from the airport into Penn Station in NY (second stop). Penn Station is on 33rd St and 7th Avenue, then you can map out where you need to go from there.

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