Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Has anyone ever flown on an Embraer 145 Amazon

Has anyone ever flown on an Embraer 145 Amazon?
I booked a flight from Newark to DC and now I am stressing about the airplane. I get terrible motion sickness and I panic in turbulence. On the other hand the flight is only 40 minutes, and I got a great deal. Does anyone know if this airline is as safe a big Airbus or Boeing. Is it even a jet plane???
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i've been on the embraer family. I was on one from St. Louis to Cleveland. then from cleveland to philidephia. and on one from St. Louis to Atlanta..personaly I dont like them they are too small
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Yes, the Embraer 145 is a jet. It has two engines mounted at the back. Here is a picture: Yes, these aircraft are perfectly safe. They have a very good safety record. Have a great trip!
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I have flown on this aircraft from YUL to EWR. It's safe, but it might be a bit creepy because it's smaller. That's just an impression however.
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One of the best commuter jets available.
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I really like the plane. It is fast and quite comfortable. Since you are flying from Newark, I assume you are flying with Continental Express. Try to get row 12, as it is an exit row with almost twice the legroom of the other seats.

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