Thursday, May 14, 2009

how long is the flight from newark, nj to tel aviv, Israel

how long is the flight from newark, nj to tel aviv, Israel?
I know that I have a direct flight and I know it leaves from Newark. I am part of a teacher's group and we will be flying overnight. Just wondered about how long. I know the time difference is 7 hours ahead. Thanks
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1 :
About 11 long boring hours
2 :
The quickest way to fly to tel aviv is to fly directly,very few airlines fly directly from newark to tel aviv, they are Continental flies twice daily between Newark and Tel Aviv, el al.Those flights being the Shortest Flight Duration is 10 hours 20 mins. Oviously your other choice is to fly with connections and thats much longer, could add a few hours to the flight.
3 :
91/2 to 10 hours on Delta
4 :
Mine was 13 hours straight on Continental.
5 :
mine was 13 and I heard in the news that they planning to flight slower to save fuel
6 :
A direct flight is approx. 10 Hrs 49 Min. You can get flight times for airports all over the world at

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