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Can someone tell me what the procedure will be flying from Manchester to Cleveland via Newark

Can someone tell me what the procedure will be flying from Manchester to Cleveland via Newark?
I will be flying from Manchester UK to Newark, then a connecting flight to Cleveland. All flights are with Continental. I have approx 2.5 hrs in between landing in Newark and departing to Cleveland. Can someone tell me exactly what happens when I land in Newark, and what to do, if i collect my luggage at Newark etc. I am not a frequent traveller, so all the info is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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You will depart the plain and hang out at the airport for 2-1/2 hours looking at the departure board every 10 minutes to see when they post your departure information. Your luggage will be transferred to the connecting flight, no need to get it.
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You will go through Immigration and Customs at Newark. Once off the aircraft follow the signs to Passport Control. Have with you copies of any hotel reservations and of your return air ticket. Once through Immigration, go to Baggage Claim and collect your bags (assuming you check luggage). Take your bags to the Customs checkpoint (usually very quick). Once past Customs take your checked bags (if any) to the Interline Baggage drop-off point (you can ask at the Customs point for directions if it isn't obvious). Give your bags to them for transfer to the flight to Cleveland. Then follow the signs to the terminal & gate for your next flight. In the unlikely event you get to Interline Baggage and there are less than 30 minutes before your next flight check with a Continental representative. They may need to book you on a later flight or re-tag your bags. Anyone traveling abroad should check with their home medical insurance provider to find out if they are covered in the country or countries they plan to visit. If not, trip medical insuance is cheap and sold by airlines & travel agencies. Hope you have a great trip!

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