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How to best get from Newark Airport to Trump Place 160 Riverside Blvd New York

How to best get from Newark Airport to Trump Place 160 Riverside Blvd New York?
I am flying into Newark Airport on a Thursday morning (flight arriving Newark at 8:15am) and I need to get to 160 Riverside Blvd. in New York (that's a trump place building)... What is the best way? Would subway be too confusing? I'm a first timer to New York. Would taxi be incredibly expensive with the rush hour traffic? If anyone from New York can enlighten me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
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My friend, 160 Riverside Blvd is near West 68th Street in the Upper West Side section of Manhattan. Here's how to get there from Newark Airport by public transit, because a taxi from the airport to NYC will be too expensive and you will get stuck in traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike. Step 1: take the Newark Airtrain from the terminals to the Newark-Liberty Airport train station. Step 2: at Newark-Liberty Airport train station, transfer to NJ Transit. Take any New York-bound train from Newark-Liberty Aiport to New York Penn Station. The train fare from Newark-Liberty Airport to New York Penn Station is $15, which includes a $5.50 charge to exit the Airtrain at Newark-Liberty Airport train station. Step 3: at New York Penn Station, tranfer the New York City Subway. Take the uptown (northbound) #2 or 3 subway lines (Red Line on the subway map) from 34th Street to 72nd Street. The fare on the subway is $2 one way. Step 4: at 72nd Street, exit the subway and transfer to M-72 crosstown bus. Take the westbound bus from the subway station, at Broadway and 72nd Street, to 68th Street and Riverside Blvd. The transfer between the subway and the bus is free. When you exit the bus at West 68th Street and Riverside Blvd, walk a half block south along Riverside Blvd. 160 Riverside Blvd is on the west side of the street. I hope this information is very helpful. If you have any questions or need travel directions while in town, just drop me a line by clicking on the avatar and e-mail icon in the profile. I'll be glad to help. Good luck and enjoy your trip. Native New Yorker
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shuttles are much less expensive than taxis

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