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Newark - Hangzhou,china flight

Newark - Hangzhou,china flight?
i have family in Hangzhou china and i live in new jersey i visit them every year which is a hassle because i have to drive 3-5 hours to get from shanghai to Hangzhou and im hearing that there's gonna be flights between Newark and Hangzhou but im extremely doubtful of this anyone know if this is just a load of crap or is it actually gonna happen
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There are flights between Newark and Hangzhou. For instance, Travelocity quotes $716 for a one-way ticket New York Newark to Hangzhou on Sept. 9. Stopover in Beijing. Return ticket may be around $1100. Finding online the cheapest flight for you is the job of Travelocity and similar flights brokers/ booking sites. The best ones are listed here: No hidden fees. Use flexible dates in your query when possible .
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Not sure.
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I do not see that happening anytime soon. You can fly Continental from Newark to Beijing and connect on a flight to Hangzhou. Many airlines such as United, American and Delta also fly into Shanghai. But to get to Hangzhou, you may be able to fly China Eastern.

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