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Can I take snacks I buy at a store on an international flight to Guatemala

Can I take snacks I buy at a store on an international flight to Guatemala?
I am taking a flight from Newark to Miami, and then Miami to Guatemala. I dont want to pay the outrageous prices for a soda and a bag of nuts, so I am just wondering if I can take some small snacks inside my backpack through carry-on? Or will i have to take them out before I go to the gate? Please advise. Havent flown in a few years. P.S.: Its American Airlines.
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1 :
no liquid but you can take food. you will have to purchase the soda inside the gate.
2 :
No more than an ounce of liquid. But other than that I think some trail mix will be a great idea. You will only go through airport security once, and then you will just stay in the checked area. Make sure you bring an empty water-bottle. That way you can fill it up for free at the water fountain. Good luck and I pray you have fun and safe travels.
3 :
You can take food items no problem, just do not take any liquids before you pass trough security. You can buy drinks/water later after the security check is over and ur are at ur gate. If you don't want to buy a water bottle you can take an empty one with You and fill it later at a fountain near ur gate. When you take food items, make sure there are no perishable because some countries will not allow thm. When i'd flown to USA i had to take out apples and bananas that i had with me. But some chips, nuts, dryfruit, cookies etc should be fine.
4 :
As stated, you can't take beverages through security at the airport. You have the option of buying in the terminal or taking an empty bottle through (like a Nalgene bottle) and getting water from the fountains. I do the latter sometimes and also carry individual sized drink mix packs. As for food, typical rule of thumb is that you may take pre-packaged or prepared food across borders (eg, bagged, canned, or otherwise sealed foods), but not fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats. Check the Customs and Border Protection website (below) for more info on what can be brought into the US from other countries. You may need to check the Guatemelan government website(s) for info on what can be brought in there. Long story short, a few snacks will be fine. Another handy resource is the US State Dept website (also below). Check that for additional info on travel advisories, documentation needed, etc.
5 :
No liquid or fresh fruit, but otherwise yes.

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