Friday, October 7, 2011

I know help with finding a flight for tomorrow!!!!

I know help with finding a flight for tomorrow!!!!?
Im trying to find a flight from Newark to Miami for tomorrow, but i need it to be cheap.... need some help, like urgently!!!
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1 :
Go the website there are tickets for like $200 and up!
2 :
you probably won't be able to get it cheaply since u waited til the last min...and to book on these websites you probly do have to do it at least 24hrs in adv....i would suggest calling the airline directly...most have 800 toll free numbers....Hint: if this is for some type of a ill family member or death in family...there are last min deals avbl directly thru the airline....Good Luck
3 :
They might charge you a late fee for scheduling so late, but I will recommend these airlines: Southwest Air Tran You can call them and tell them its urgent, or i guess try looking online. Good luck!!
4 :
I just looked at Kayak, and if you can handle Newark to Fort Lauderdale it is only 70 bucks yes 70. on Airtran with a connection If you need Miami it is 110 on Continental and 130 on American A long time ago last minute travel was expensive so people give that advice whether they know what they are talking about or not. Also someone recommended Southwest. That was nice of them as I work for Southwest. It is great advice except for two problems. 1 We don't fly to Newark 2. We don't fly to Miami
5 :
i went to orbitz but the cheapest i could find was $618

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