Thursday, December 1, 2011

1 stop flight to tampa from Newark, NJ

1 stop flight to tampa from Newark, NJ?
On tuesday, Im going on vacation with my bf and I've never had a 1 stop flight. 1.) Is an 1 hr 1/2 enough time in between flights or will I be rushing? 2.) Do I have to grab my bags and check them in again for the next flight?
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The prices have increased for flying now. If you check a bag it will be brought to the next plane. I like just carry ons. 1.5 hours should be fine for connecting flights, unless your flight is late in the first place or grounded for bad weather. It's not hard, and there are always people around to tell you what you need, or where to go for your next flight. *was stranded on the tarmak for 7.5 hours waiting for a storm to pass on a trip 7 (777) waiting for Chicago to clear for landing.

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