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Transferring from Newark to La Guardia airport

Transferring from Newark to La Guardia airport?
I found a really cheap flight from Newark to Australia, however, I live in Toronto. I have enough points to get a free flight to La Guardia airport... however, I'm afraid I don't have enough time for the connections. (I'm pretty sure I have enough time for my first flight). First flight: Arrive at La Guardia 10:30am- Depart Newark 3:30pm 2nd Flight: Arrive at Newark at 4:20pm- Depart La Guardia at 7:30pm Is 3 hours enough? Picking up luggage... possible traffic... check in... Any advice, input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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My vote is NO, you probably don't have enough time with only 3 hours on the clock on the return flight. Assuming the flight goes from Oz to Newark, you still need to clear immigration/passport control at Newark. That can take over an hour. Also you'll have to go clear across Manhattan Island to get to LGA, in the middle of rush hour. Lastly you'll have to clear immigration and passport control one more time at LGA for your flight to Toronto. Assuming the 7:30P is the last flight of the day from LGA, I think you might need to consider spending the night in NYC.
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That will be very close.... i'm gonna say no too.... you don't want to be stressed out trying to get to and from each airport because they aren't really all that close to each other, especially with the crazy NY traffic...and some car services will take the scenic route (through Manhattan) instead of the quicker route (crossing the Verrazano bridge) to make extra money. If you do decide to do it, chose a car service that has a flat rate. But I also recommend spending the night in NY and leave first thing in the morning. That's a double vacation for you!
3 :
Three hours is definitely not enough. You are not a US citizen so you will be going through the slow line and then you need to get to LaGuardia.

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