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Transferring from Newark to La Guardia airport

Transferring from Newark to La Guardia airport?
I found a really cheap flight from Newark to Australia, however, I live in Toronto. I have enough points to get a free flight to La Guardia airport... however, I'm afraid I don't have enough time for the connections. (I'm pretty sure I have enough time for my first flight). First flight: Arrive at La Guardia 10:30am- Depart Newark 3:30pm 2nd Flight: Arrive at Newark at 4:20pm- Depart La Guardia at 7:30pm Is 3 hours enough? Picking up luggage... possible traffic... check in... Any advice, input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
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you have plenty of time dont you worry im saying this because im a frequent flyer . hope this helps you and have a safe trip!
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Should be fine. Take the *train* from Newark into Manhattan, don't try to drive that at rush hour. Also, I'd look into the percentage of times that flight is on time, b/c if the flight were late and the differential were 2 1/2 hours, it would start to become problematic.
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Don't forget if you're traveling in holiday season, taxi will be better choice because there will be expected crowd at both security checkpoints, well as delays in flight. Quickest way will be by taxi, but it will cost about $82.48 plus tips. If it was car service, NY Sale tax included. Only car service does not charge surcharge or tolls are: Tel-Aviv Car and Limo Service & LimoRes. All taxi service listed about will take you about 1 hour and 36 minutes depends on traffic. By using bus, subway, train, it is about 1 hour and 28 minutes. Bus and subway fare is $2.25 one way. Step 1: Buy $4.50 MetroCard from Hudson NewsStand or from MetroCard Vending Machine at Central Terminal Step 2: Take Q33 or Q47 bus to 74th St Bus Terminal, adjusted to Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av Station. Step 3: Take Manhattan-bound (E) express, make local stop in Manhattan, then get off at 34th St-Penn Station. Step 4: Follow the sign to New Jersey Transit where you'll see Orange Ticket Vending Machine. Purchase one way ticket to Trenton for $15.00. $5.50 Airtrain Newark fee is encoded in the one way ticket. Step 6: Take either Northeast Corridor or North Jersey Coast Line to Newark Liberty International Airport. You could buy one way ticket from LaGuardia Airport to Newark Airport for $22 from New York Bus Service agent, but you need to transfer to Newark Liberty Airport Express bus operated by Oylmpia Trail. You can check your flight status and airport status at Avoid Delays site.
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I agree with Amanda, the best way to get between LGA and Newark is by public transit. The trip take about an hour each way, and the fare is cheaper than take a cab from one airport to another, and vice versa. Here's how to get from LGA to Newark Airport. Step 1: purchase a $4.50 MetroCard from any Hudson News stand at the airport and take the Q33 bus from the Main Terminal to the 74th Street/Roosevelt Avenue subway station. If you're coming from the Marine Air Terminal, please take the Q47 bus to the 74th Street/Roosevelt Avenue subway station. Step 2: at the 74th Street/Roosevelt Avenue subway station, transfer to the "E" train (Blue Line on the subway map). Take the Manhattan-bound (westbound) train from Roosevelt Avenue to 34th Street-Penn Station. The transfer between the bus and subway is free. Note: please hold to your MetroCard, because you will need it on your return trip to LGA. Step 3: at Penn Station, exit the subway into the station and follow the directional signs to the the NJ Transit Concourse. Once at the NJ Transit Concourse, purchase a one way NJT train ticket to Newark-Liberty International Airport for $15 and take Northeast Corridor Line going westbound from Penn Station to Newark-Liberty International Airport. Note: Please hold on to your ticket, because you will need to use again at the airport station for connection to the Newark Airtrain. Step 4: at the Newark-Liberty International Airport train station, transfer to the Newark Airtrain. Take the Airtrain from the train station to the airport terminal. You can use the above instruction for your return trip from Newark to LaGuardia. I hope this information is very helpful. If you have any questions or need travel directions while in town, just drop me a line by clicking on the avatar and e-mail icon in the profile. I'll be glad to help. Good luck Native New Yorker
5 : since it is two different states you have to use two sites. these two sites will give point to point directions. EWR to Penn station NY take airtrain. Easiest. then subway and short bus ride. you didnt say what day of week. i would be a little concerned on return.

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