Saturday, April 21, 2012

Continental flights from Glasgow to Newark NJ

Continental flights from Glasgow to Newark NJ ?
Just wondering if anyone can give me a bit of information on the above flight, as I am going to New York soon and was wondering what the flight is like, as in on board and in flight. This is my first time flying with continental airlines, I have flew with pretty much everyone else, any information would be do helpful :) thanks !
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The flight departs at 9.00am, is operated by a Boeing 757-200, it takes 7 hours 45 minutes and you are served a complimentary lunch on the way. Soft drinks and hot drinks are included in the cost of your ticket, but beers will cost $6 and spirits will cost $7, payable only by credit card. In terms of entertainment, all seats will be equipped with personal entertainment screens, providing a selection of TV programmes, films, music and more, on demand (AVOD).

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