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How to go from JFK Airport to Union City, NJ

How to go from JFK Airport to Union City, NJ?
I am flying next month to NY, and I can't get a cheap flight to Newark so the next best thing is JFK. I'm not familiar with the NY transit system, so I'm throwing out this question to all native New Yorkers. Appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!
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My friend, here how to get from JFK to Union, NJ by public transit. Step 1: take the Airtrain from the terminal to Jamaica Station. Please listen for the announcement "Station D: Jamaica Station." Step 2: at Jamaica Station, purchase a $5 MetroCard from the MetroCard Vending Machine, and exit the Airtrain system into Jamaica Station. The $5 will be deducted from the MetroCard, when exiting the Airtrain system. Step 3: Once thought turnstile (faregate), follow the directional signs to the Long Island Railroad. Purchase you're LIRR ticket from the ticket machines on the pedestrian bridge overlooking the platform. An off peak ticket from Jamaica Station to Penn Station is $5.25. If you're arriving on a weekends, you can purchase a CityTicket for $3.25. Once you purchase your ticket, look at the display board on the pedestrian bridge for the train heading to Penn Station. Step 4: when you exit the LIRR train at Penn Station, following the directional signs to the Amtrak/NJ Transit concourse. Once there, purchase a one way NJ Transit ticket from Penn Station to Union via Newark Penn Station and take the either the Northeast Corridor or the North Jersey Coast Line trains from Penn Station New York to Newark Penn Station. A one way ticket from Penn Station New York to Union via Newark Penn Station will cost you $5.50 Step 5: at Newark Penn Station, transfer to Raritan Valley Line. Take the Raritan Valley Line from Newark Penn Station to Union. I hope this information is very helpful. Good luck
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The above answer is close to being correct, but he sent you to Union NJ rather than Union City. So follow his directions with the the train but somewhere along the way get onto the E train from queens and take that to 42nd st Then you go into port authority bus terminal and take the bus to Union City, A cab will cost around $85 plus $16 in tolls. Do not use a yellow cab try using a private one here is a link to reputable cab companies Good Luck

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