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International connection flights and baggage check

International connection flights and baggage check?
I will be flying from Cleveland, OH to Bucharest, Romania. I will be flying Continental from Cleveland to a connecting flight in Newark, NJ. From there, I will fly on British Airways to London, England for another connection. From London, I will be on British Airways to Bucharest. What airports will I need to have baggage checks at? Are any going to transfer any baggage for me? I'll have one piece of baggage, not including my carry on.
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All of them, I flew recently with 3 connections through Europe and the middle east as well as China, the baggage you stick in the hold gets transfered automatically for you 99% of the time if it leaves at the same airport. You generally have to go through security each time though which it s PITA, for example I went from Manchester to london to Doha to Beijing to Hong Kong and was checked on each leg.

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