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Travel help - I need to book a cheap flight...

Travel help - I need to book a cheap flight...?
I have to book a CHEAP flight from Newark, NJ (EWR) to San Diego (SAN) on July 29, 2008, and from San Diego to Newark, NJ on August 7, 2008. I have to use prices from the website, and I can't book any overnight flights, and any layovers have to be between 1-2 hours. Also the flight can't be too early (before 7 a.m.) or late (after 11 p.m.). I've never booked a flight before, much less researched prices/availability. Any help would be greatly appreciated (I need to have this done ASAP.). Thanks in advance! Can you tell me the flight # and arrival/departure times and dates, as well as the price? Thanks! It's for someone else, they're flying to San Diego, CA from Newark, NJ on July 29, and going back to Newark, NJ on August 7. And it's for my work (I work in an office), and I was asked to use to book the flight (not my choice, but whatever...)
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American Airlines
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go to sites like, etc....
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I found one from the website leaving at 9:10, nonstop with Continental 1726 for $424 round trip there are a lot more too. You can check it out it is a pretty easy website. I use it all the time Good Luck
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Why do you have to use See for great, cheap travel sites.
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have a great trip!
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