Wednesday, August 1, 2012

i need a cheap flight to germany

i need a cheap flight to germany?
i need a flight from newark liberty airport (ewr) to hamburg family lives there and theres a family emergency so i need to get there im 14 so i use an adult ticket my mom cant afford a regular plane ticket so shes willing to pay about $600 for a roundtrip ticket i dont care what date i leave as long as its in the rest of july or the very beginnig of august and i get bak around the 24th of august please please pleaseeee help me find something my grandmother is dying and she helped raise me i reallyyy need this ticket o and i dont need a hotel il b staying with family and i dont care if i have to make a stop on the way
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I would use I found a round-trip flight that would leave Newark to Hamburg (direct flight) on July 23rd Continental Airlines. And to return on August 23rd from Hamburg to Zurich, Switzerland (Air Berlin 8682) then direct to Newark on Continental 79. The cost round-trip is $1,468 USD. (So a little more than what you mom is willing to pay) Once you arr on the website you type 'EWR' into the 'FROM' box and 'HAM' into the 'TO' and press search flight. Pick the dates you want. Best of luck!~

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