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professional advices needed regarding customer right

professional advices needed regarding customer right?
Today I was told the time of my reserved flight from Boston to China with one stop in Newark, was changed by continental airlines. The departure time from Boston to Newark remained the same, but the flight from Newark to China was rescheduled on the following day. How awkward is that? I already reserved and paid for the ticket. Is there any suggestion for me to take actions? Do I have to compromise to the unreasonable change on the ticket I already paid for?
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Complain to the airline. If you do, be firm and arrogant, yet precise in your argument. You my receive extra miles for all your troubles!
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Ask the airline to change your flight from Boston to Newark to the same day as the connecting flight. If they can't do that, then ask for some accommodation for an overnight hotel stay in Newark. I doubt that they will pay for the whole room bill, but they may get you a discount on the room. Also ask for coupons for meals. The airline is not required to do any of this, but they do have some options to accommodate passengers in the event of schedule changes, and if you don't ask, then you will never get anything.
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Stop flying the airlines. Fly private jets.
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Have you tried getting what you want from one of their customer service agents? Or a ticket agent supervisor? Ask them nicely to accomodate you. If you are angry, they will be less likely to deal with you. A calm passenger is better able to get what they want. Your rights, and the airlines, are all laid out in the airlines CONTRACT OF CARRIAGE. It should be available on their website. I suggest you read it through to see what you are entitled to. Since you were booked on Continental, you can read their C.O.C. here- http://www.continental.com/web/en-US/content/contract.aspx This section from it may apply to you- "Change in Schedule" When a PassengerĂ¢€™s Ticketed flight is affected because of a Change in Schedule, CO will, at its election arrange one of the following: 1) Transport the Passenger on its own flights, subject to availability, to the Destination, next Stopover point, or transfer point shown on its portion of the Ticket, without Stopover in the same class of service, at no additional cost to the Passenger, provided that a Passenger who paid a Coach fare will only be transported on a flight in First Class or Business First Class Service subject to seat availability and if such flight will provide an earlier arrival than COĂ¢€™s next flight on which coach space is available; 2) Reroute Passengers over the lines of one or more carriers when a Change in Schedule results in the cancellation of all CO service between two cities; 3) Advise the Passenger that the value of his or her Ticket may be applied toward future travel on Continental within one year from the date of issue without a change or reissue fee; or 4) Provide a refund in accordance with Rule 27 A) if the Passenger is not transported as provided in C) 1) or 2) above and does not choose to apply the value of his or her Ticket toward future travel as provided in C) 3) above "Fly-Rights: A Consumer Guide to Air Travel" http://airconsumer.ost.dot.gov/publications/flyrights.htm States: "Contrary to popular belief, airlines are not required to compensate passengers whose flights are delayed or canceled. As discussed in the chapter on overbooking, compensation is required by law only when you are "bumped" from a flight that is oversold." See section #13 on "complaining" if still need be then write: Department of Transportation Aviation Consumer Division 400 Seventh St. SW, Room 4107 Washington, DC, 20590 Tel: 202-366-2220 http://airconsumer.ost.dot.gov/. Good Luck
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Show up at the gate on time?

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