Monday, October 1, 2012

REally scared about going on an airplane fr my first time...Any suggestions on what to do

REally scared about going on an airplane fr my first time...Any suggestions on what to do?
It's my first time evr on an airplane & I'm really nervous. Plus I'm going by myself. It's a 3 hr flight from Newark to Fl.
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You are scared, so is just about everyone else. Remember, it is the quickest way to get there and you will enjoy your vacation. I like to look out the window and see the world go by. Don't think about where you are, pretend you are watching a movie.
2 :
i was the same way my first flight, your instinct is that the plane will go down, i was squeezing the arm rest hard, and nervously asking the lady next to me if we were going down or not, especially when the plane makes turns or makes jerky movements. Definetely bring chewing gum, and munchies, and make sure to have some stiff drinks before ur flight, just not to the point of drunk. These are major things that you must do. Vodka and orange juice work great, or other vodka type of things. I advise that you have your high alcohol drink mixed in a bottle, then down it right before going in the airport. Such as in the car before you get out of it. Also you can "spike" your Mcdonalds drink, with vodka or rum or whatever, and drink it while in the airport too.....right after use chewing gum to cover the smell........ I do that, and ive flown several times already, but the security makes me very nervous and stuff, so definetely drink yourself to relaxation before the flight. Also, a sleeping pill will do wonders too especially when used with the alcoholic drink or drinks, whatever it takes to relax you.... And if drinking or taking a drink and a sleeping pill together isnt your think to relax you, then definetely pop a few sleeping pills, your edge will be off for sure, also a pain pill wouldnt hurt either like a aspirin or tylenol, because you will get a major headache in that stressful airplane situation
3 :
Relax! Flying is really really fun! Ask the airline agent to give you a window seat. Learn to hold your nose and try to blow through your nose. this will push air out of your ears. You will need to know this as when the plane is descending to land, the pressure changes will make your ears hurt if you don't equalize them. Also tell the flight attendants it's your first time flying and you're nervous. They usually give you more attention, I.E. snacks and maybe a drink or two :).. Finally show up to the airport at least two hours early. You never know what can happen when you get there. You don't want to be late. What airline are you flying on by the way?? If you are flying on JetBlue, then they have tv's to watch on board, live tv. Hopefully you are because it's the best airline for a first time flyer. If it's another carrier, just get a good book to read and a magazine, and your iPOD!
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Everyone is scared the first go around. But there's really nothing to be afraid of. Just trust the pilot knows what he's doing. Just as normal as it is for us to drive a car, so is it normal for him to fly a plane. Its just like driving a car for him. Bring magazines. Ipod. Gum. And if it helps, maybe take a low dosage of a sleep medicine before the flight. That way you get to knock out and not even think about it. Then again its only 3 hours so sleep meds may not be the best idea. Last, but not least, pray! It never hurts. :)
5 :
why would you go on a plane for your first time? why not in a bed or at least on a sofa or something? dont worry about it, the flight is usually shorter than 3 hours and will be over before you know it. just distract yourself with a movie or ipod or book and you will get used to it.
6 :
you should let the gate agent that its your first time going flying and then once on the plane they might let you talk to the pilots or see the cockpit just to make sure you know whos drving the thing and just to make sure you feel relaxed knowing that the pilots know what they are doing.

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